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Women In Africa mobilizes for its world summit

The African women leaders and high potential gathered together in Women In Africa (WIA) Initiative meet on June 27 and 28 in Marrakech for the third year in a row. Launched in 2016, the international platform for economic development and support organizes its world summit.

The Summit will bring together 500 people from 75 countries, economic, governmental and cultural leaders, as well as delegations of women from the Middle East, the United States and Asia, in addition to women and men from 54 countries from the continent. The cross-cutting theme of these two days: “How African women engage the world and create a new paradigm”.

The highlights of the summit will revolve around five major thematic sessions, including the change of the game of future Africa-Europe reports. “What if a decision-making process thought by African women was the key to a new partnership?” Ask the organizers. The Africa-Asia momentum will be analyzed, including the advantages and disadvantages of the Asian partnership.

Often accused of being an imperialist, China is accused of increasing the African debt, which has doubled in five years. How to reduce economic dependence and improve partnership with Asia? The third session will analyze the Africa-Americas relationship, with a view to engaging it in a new relationship with a more visible Africa. Indeed, the narrative of the continent still suffers from a distorted reality.

To promote investment, trade and development, it is imperative to first reverse the narrative by changing the American perception of the countries of the continent and to think this scheme in the plural and not the singular. In science, the platform wants to make women agents of change while creating an environment for more women scientists engineers and doctors in Africa.

The floor will also be given to men who support women and who wish to commit themselves to promote this initiative which brings a new generation of women leaders in Africa, through empowerment, investment and the implementation of concrete actions in favor of women’s governance.

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