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World Policy Conference: A new look at the world

This weekend and until Monday, October 14, Marrakech hosts an exceptional international meeting, organized by the World Policy Conference (WPC).

The agenda includes 18 plenary sessions and several parallel workshops where almost all aspects of international relations have been planned. During the second session, the floor will be given to speakers representing China, a new international player that is asserting itself and imposing itself in almost every field. This is an opportunity to listen directly to the voice of this new great power and to know its real position on the current evolution of the world.

The monetary dimension will be the subject of a special session to examine the new risks inherent in the current excessive politicization of the international payments system. The current war between China and the US is no longer just commercial. It is becoming more and more of a monetary dimension. However, the debate will not neglect conventional instruments of international law, through the examination of trade and direct investment, as well as the right to globalization, as the ultimate weapon to avoid the worst.

In the background, it is the current crisis of multilateralism that will be analyzed. New technologies, climate and environment, illegal trade (…) will also be the subject of fruitful debates. This WPC will certainly be a moment where individual intelligences rub and confront each other to pave the way for better and possible global futures, future peace and progress for all peoples …

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