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WRI: Morocco ranked among countries with very high water stress

Morocco is ranked among the countries with very high water stress, which means that the demand for water is greater than the available quantity, according to the latest report of the World Resources Institute (WRI).

Thus, this alarming report ranks Morocco in 22nd place out of a total of 164 countries, indicating that the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa) in general suffers from a very worrying heat and drought and low water supply as well as climate change that increases the risk even further.

This region, which accounts for a quarter of the world’s population, is now threatened with thirst and is getting closer and closer to the day when no tap water will flow.

According to the WRI report, nearly 25% of the world’s population is in severe water scarcity. Twenty-seven other countries have “high water scarcity”.

The map prepared by the WRI measures the risks of water shortage, drought and river floods. “Agriculture, industry and municipalities absorb 80% of the available area and groundwater in an average year” in the 17 countries concerned, mainly in the Middle East and North Africa, including Qatar, Israel, Lebanon, Iran, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Eritrea, the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Botswana and India, according to the institute.

Countries with “high water scarcity” include several European countries such as Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece. Switzerland is among the countries with the lowest risk of water scarcity.

As a reminder, the Moroccan government adopted in June 2018 a draft decree relating to the national water plan, the orientation plan for the integrated management of water resources and the local water management plan. The national plan of nearly 32 billion dollars aims to solve the problems due to the shortage of drinking water and irrigation problems.

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