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Youth Innovation Summit: More than 100 young talents gathered in Rabat

The Youth Innovation Summit, which aims to encourage innovation, sustainable development and entrepreneurship in Morocco, starts this September 30 and extends until October 4 in Rabat and salty.

More than 100 young talents are selected to work together in search of creative and innovative solutions responding to the most important social and economic challenges of Morocco in an innovation laboratory.

This five-day event organized by the Moroccan Ministry of Youth and Sports, UNDP and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the support of local and international environmental partners, will focus on three main themes: climate change and renewable energies ; urban sustainability; and agro-food and food production. These themes have been identified as priorities as the most pressing challenges in Morocco, while offering potential for development and economic growth.

Young Moroccan talent will have the opportunity to take on challenges and acquire new tools to create their own business and contribute to sustainable development.

The summit will end with a Youth Dialogue Festival, a public platform that can host more than 2,500 guests to discuss and discuss sustainable development and youth participation. The festival will provide a space to showcase and celebrate innovative talent solutions, engage youth and social actors, inspire visitors and participants, and present opportunities for participation, entrepreneurship, engagement and employment for young people.

The young Moroccan population offers a great opportunity for economic growth and development of the country. However, harnessing this potential requires opportunities for youth participation and inclusion in the economy and society.

The Youth Innovation Summit provides young people with the tools, space and support needed to bring concrete solutions and innovative ideas to promote sustainable and inclusive development in the kingdom of North Africa.

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