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Zenata Eco-city: A “bioclimatic tower” of 16 floors

Pioneer of real estate investment in the north of Casablanca, the Mfadel Group persists and signs designing an innovative project in the heart of the Zenata eco-city. Proud of a 16-storey ecological tower, Zenata Tower is a visionary residential building that fits perfectly into its environment and responds with relevance to the challenges of tomorrow. The 129 residential units will be commercialized in June 2019 and will further install Zenata as a residential, activity and major ecological hub of the Kingdom.

Zenata Tower: An exceptional project in harmony with its environment

The first promoter to believe in the development potential of the new city of Zenata, Groupe Mfadel once again puts on the pioneering costume by launching an innovative project consisting of a 16-storey bioclimatic tower with unpublished architecture. Called Zenata Tower, this large-scale structure will perfectly meet the specifications established by the Zenata Development Company and presents new prices in the Casablanca-Rabat axis where it is difficult to find an offer of this standard at prices also advantageous (less than one million dirhams per 100 m²).

Ideally located by the sea, the project is a haven of peace and greenery just five minutes from Casablanca and 10 minutes from Mohammedia.

The high-end finish gives pride of place to noble materials (parquet, marble, wood, sanitary …) and absolute comfort (thermal and sound insulation). With its thematic outdoor gardens, this major project is also part of a logic of sustainable development and perfectly reflects the ambitions of the Zenata eco-city, a true African model for innovation and sustainability.

Indeed, since its study, its conception, its development until its management, the eco-city answers the current stakes of economic development, of social integration and preservation of the environment, become more and more pressing.

The eco-city Zenata, an innovative and sustainable city model

The Zenata eco-city model is born from an integrated approach: its design, development and management meet the challenges of economic development and social integration in harmony with the environment.

The use of natural resources is optimized to preserve the available wealth, safeguard the environment and generate savings.

By promoting the natural elements, its residents take full advantage of the benefits of their environment. And by taking again the codes of proximity of the Moroccan medinas, the mobility of the inhabitants is found there facilitated, and their reduced travel times. Thus, they reconnect with real neighborhood life.

Finally, the eco-city is designed to anticipate changing lifestyles and remains open to all innovations that promote its adaptability and improve the quality of life of its residents, real agents of change.

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