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106-year-old woman cured of Coronavirus in Morocco

Each person recovered from Covid-19 is an explosion of joy for the healthcare workers. But the one recorded at the Fqih Bensalah regional hospital is a miracle. A 106-year-old patient admitted in critical condition to this hospital has returned home after fully recovering from the illness.

The patient, according to a member of the hospital centre’s medical staff, had a respiratory rate that varied between 45 and 65% and had required admission to intensive care for 8 days, before undergoing treatment for five additional days. Her recovery came after she received a treatment protocol approved by the Ministry of Health. She will have to observe an additional period of voluntary quarantine at her home, but she is really out of the woods.

Even if the Covid-19 represents twice the risk for these people, some like this Moroccan, manage to upset the established standards. A few weeks ago, the media reported on the recovery of a 106-year-old German woman. French broadcaster BFM reported that in April, Bill Lapschies, a 103-year-old American World War II veteran, recovered from the illness just before blowing his 104th birthday. There is also the case of the recovery of 102-year-old New Yorker Angelina Friedman, who was twice infected with the novel coronavirus, in March and then last October.

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