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15 large dams under construction in Morocco

Morocco has adopted an effective water policy to guarantee water security and sustainable development, Minister of Equipment and Water Nizar Baraka said.

This policy aims for a sustainable and integrated development of water resources, taking into account current and future challenges and needs as well as the possible impact of climate change on our country, added the minister who chaired the meeting of the board of directors of the Oum Er Rbia hydraulic basin agency for the year 2021.

During this meeting, Baraka reviewed the main axes of this policy which aims at a better management of water resources through in particular the construction of dams, noting in this regard that Morocco now has 149 large dams with a total capacity of 19.3 billion cubic meters and 136 small dams to support local development.

The minister further said that 15 other large dams with a total capacity of over 4.3 billion cubic meters are under construction as well as 30 small dams.

In this context, and in order to have a reference framework for the national water policy for the next 30 years, Baraka noted that the ministry is currently working on the revision and enrichment of the final version of the national plan of water system in the light of the recommendations of the country’s new development model in a participatory framework with the departments concerned.

The Minister also noted that the Oum Er Rbia hydraulic basin agency is working on the development of the final version of the master plan for integrated water resources development in consultation with the various stakeholders.

Baraka also recalled the achievements made during the past year in the hydraulic basin of Oum Er Rbia, citing in particular the launch of calls for tenders for the construction of three dams, namely the heightening of the Imfout Dam in the province of El Jadida, the Tagzirth Dam in the province of Beni Mellal and the Dam on the Oued Lakhdar in the province of Azilal.

He also reported on the completion of the renovation works of the drinking water supply pipe of the city of Safi over a distance of 4.5 km as well as the development of the Wadis to protect various centers of the towns of Safi, Azilal, Khénifra, Oualidia, Sidi Bennour and El Jadida against floods.

The minister also cited the continuation of groundwater prospecting work, particularly in mountainous areas, in order to make up for the deficits recorded in certain localities.

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