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2,000 clandestine wells closed in Jerada

In the former mining city of Jerada, a total of 2,000 illegal coal wells were closed in 2018. According to the Ministry of Energy and Mines, the authorities have “closed 2,000 abandoned wells and smuggled on a total of 3,500 “, promising to close this year the 1,500 remaining wells.

The accidental death of two miners at the end of 2017 in a disused Jerada well had led to major protests at the beginning of last year, the inhabitants of this city ranked among the poorest in Morocco asking for programs of economic reconversion.

At least nine accidental deaths were recorded during the year 2018. A total of 26 “exceptional operating permits” were granted in 2018 to “young people from the region who have gathered in cooperatives with the support from the authorities”, according to the ministry.

Industry and agriculture projects are also to be completed by 2020, for an investment of nearly 82 million euros.

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