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2033: Morocco’s economy ranks 60 and China defeats America

According to a forecast by the Center for Economic and Business Research over the next 15 years, Morocco’s economy will maintain its 60th position globally in the 2033 horizon. China is expected to top the list in 2032.

This is the annual report of the London-based center that includes forecasts of 193 economies across the world in 2033, with Brazil expected to surpass Italy in 2020 and India to surpass Britain and France by 2020.

With regard to Morocco, no progress will be achieved in the ranking of its economy at the global level; 60th place will be maintained to 2033, after 2013 was ranked 62nd, 2008 is ranked 63th, and 2003 is ranked 56th.

Morocco has a diversified export base including textiles, cars and electronic components, the center said, adding that geographical location, relative political stability and low labor costs have contributed to expanding trade with its European partners, especially Spain and France.

The good agricultural season, according to the report, led to GDP growth of 4.1 percent in 2017, after grain production almost tripled compared to 2016.

The report also said that Britain would lose its sixth position globally for France next year, due to the turmoil associated with its exit from the European Union; while it is expected to restore this site by 2023, according to the expectations of the Center.

According to the report, Ireland will be one of the fastest growing economies in the euro area next year; but Brixit remains a threat to these expectations. He also pointed out that the trade war between the major economies in the world has had a significant impact on global markets and thus the decline in growth.

The report stopped when many emerging economies faced the risk of currency collapse this year; it caused its ratings to fall: Argentina, which has fallen four times to 30, Pakistan down three places to 44th place; Iran with 10 ranks back to 40th.

As for Korea, it will become one of the largest economies in the world by 2026, surpassing France by 2033, while Italy will fall from the top ten by 2026 to reach the 13th position in the world by 2033.

Mexico will overtake Spain to become the largest economy in Spanish-speaking countries by 2031. Bangladesh will be ranked 25th in 2032, while Pakistan will enter the 30th.

As for the Arab countries, the report said that the weakness of oil prices in 2020 will lead to the removal of Saudi Arabia from the club of the twenty largest by 2028, which will reach the number 23 in the world by 2033.

As in the case of Morocco, Algeria will maintain its 55th world salary in the coming years to 2033; Tunisia is expected to improve slightly by moving from the 96 th rank to the 91st place. Mauritania is down to 156th in the future, down from the current 154.

At the bottom of the ranking of the international economies is the island of Tuvalu in the Indian Ocean. It is the third smallest nation in the world after the Vatican and Nauru. The latter ranks 192th in the world, followed by Kiribati in 191st rank.

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