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3 good reasons to go to Stars in the place in Marrakesh

After the success of 2017 Stars in the place will return with the guest of honor of Maitre Gims this Friday, December 28 for the second edition.

This free event was created by Youssef Aarab, a close friend of Maitre Gims, to offer a great moment of celebration to the Moroccan people who are accessible to everyone and with the stars of the moment.

This year the group “Fnaire” will be the first part of the concert “Meugi” (another nickname of Maitre Gims) that will present his latest album “Black Belt”. And given the recent events, we can find other good reasons to go, here are mine:

To resume life

Our country was shocked by the drama of Imlil. The suspects have been arrested in Marrakesh, which has recently been associated with this gruesome crime. This concert is an occasion to remember that Marrakesh is a city of joy and peace, an extra opportunity to pay tribute to the victims.

To reassure people

The security of the country is threatened. The terrorist course of Daech nevertheless sowed the seed of doubt and terror in many people, both in the country and abroad. A meeting of several thousand people, as was the case during the first edition, is a strong signal of safety.

So yes, it is frightening and we can say to ourselves: why take the risk to go there? and whether the terrorists abused it?

But if we do not, we bury ourselves in the tomb of fear and send an anxious message to the world that is now looking at us.

To finish the year in style

Time change, Hirak, raising the cost of living, PJD, terrorism, … this is not the bad news that our country has missed this year and we often tend to see the negative more than the positive because it was there also some good things – it is known – we never call customer service just to say thank you, but only if things are not right.

It is not a concert that will change a lot, especially because not everyone is a fan of Maitre Gims or Fnaire (I personally love them), but a concert is also a group of people who share the same spirit at the same time, is a form of association or we put aside, the space of a few hours of service, everything that is wrong and we let ourselves be carried away by the frenzy ambient … together, to form one.

Because the Moroccan is multiple and the Moroccan One is … we can say bad things, we can complain, a bit like in the same family, we can shoot each other’s feet, but look to the outside, we form a block and nobody will take.

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