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53 migrants sank is the biggest tragedy in the history of migration

This week saw the biggest tragedy in the history of the migration boats between Morocco and Spain because of the loss of 53 migrants, mostly Mauritanian nationals in the Mediterranean waters between the two countries.

According to Spanish media, including the European Press Agency yesterday and today, the loss of the boat to migrate was carrying 54 migrants who started from the waters of Nador in northeastern Morocco towards the Andalusian coast earlier this week, did not reach the boat, which called the Coast Guard and rescue teams Moroccan, Algerian and Spanish search for him in vain.

A Moroccan fishing boat found a young man from Mali at sea and rescued him and turned to the sure source of the sinking of the boat on Cannes, carrying 54 migrants, mostly Mauritanian nationals, along with Moroccans and Africans.

Migrants used to call the Spanish rescue service at sea and communicate with their family immediately after arrival. There was no contact with the families by their children, confirming the survivors’ only statements about the tragedy. At the same time, a Spanish non-governmental organization working in the field of immigration has confirmed six days of distress calls from the boat.

If this news is confirmed, this is the biggest tragedy in the history of migration between Morocco and Spain since the beginning of this phenomenon during the eighties to today, and the prayer was absent in some mosques in Nouakchott in honor of the missing migrants.

It is also the first time a large number of Mauritanians have left the Moroccan coast, and in the past they have been traveling from the coast of Mauritania to the Canary Islands of the Atlantic Ocean.

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