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577 cyberattacks detected and neutralized against Morocco in 2021

The Directorate General for Information Systems Security (DGSSI) succeeded last year in detecting and neutralizing around 577 cyberattacks launched against Moroccan ministries and public establishments.

It was in response to a written question to the House of Representatives that the Minister Delegate in charge of the National Defense Administration, Abdellatif Loudiyi, indicated that despite the numerous awareness campaigns and the measures taken by the DGSSI to protect the systems vital sectors of intrusion and hacking via “electronic” viruses, the risk of an attack remains present.

The Minister also declared that the DGSSI provides the services targeted by these attacks with the necessary technical aids. And on a regular basis, it carries out audits and analyzes of the security of the IT systems of ministries and other strategic bodies, in order to assess their ability to resist cyberattacks.

It is to this task that the monitoring center set up by the DGSSI is working. According to the minister, this center also gives advice on security breaches as soon as new threats appear. In all, 621 security bulletins, including 188 of a critical nature, were noted in 2021.

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