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60% of tourists visiting Morocco choose Marrakech and Agadir

Marrakech and Agadir were still by far the most visited cities by foreign tourists. It also concerns Moroccans around the world and local tourists.

According to figures released by the Tourism Observatory, 60% of total overnight stays of tourists concerned these two cities during the months of January and February, an increase of 2% compared to the figures of 2018. These data also reveal an increase of 6% for the city of Marrakech and a near stagnation for the city of Agadir.

Regarding the number of overnight stays, the ocher city continues in its dynamic with an increase of 10%, while the capital of Souss recorded 5% increase, still according to the Observatory of tourism, which is part of 12% of up for Tangier, 8% for Essaouira and 3% for Fez.

The other Moroccan tourist centers performed well during the first two months of the year. Tangier rose by 7%, Fez 2%, Essaouira by 9%, while Ouarzazate saw the number of tourists grow by 2%.

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