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A bug paralyzed Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp

It was general panic. Last Wednesday, yesterday, around 17H, several users of Facebook and Instagram have encountered connection problems. If some of them could not publish or exchange content, others struggled to access their accounts.

The specialized site DownDetector, which scans the bugs of the main websites, announced that the two global platforms “are currently down”. “Facebook problems were recorded from 16h56 hours,” the site said. And to add that Instagram, which also belongs to Facebook, fell a few minutes later.

A failure that has plunged thousands of users into disarray. “Where does this failure come from?”, “Am I the only one who has trouble logging into Instagram and Facebook?” … questions flared in the evening.

The blackout has affected many countries in the world, including Morocco. News sites like Daily Morocco or Le Monde did not share any article on their Facebook page from 5pm.

In addition, Facebook explained that the platform “is under maintenance and will be available again in a few minutes”.

This Thursday, Facebook services (Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp) are new accessible. Specialized media say it was “not a DDoS attack, or a hack attempt.” This is not the first time that Facebook has this type of problem. Recall that in November 2018, the social network had difficulties for several hours.

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