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A CAF inspection mission to Morocco

If Morocco is running to host the next CAN, a CAF inspection mission will land in the Kingdom this December.

Now that the organization of CAN 2019 has been withdrawn from Cameroon, CAF expects to receive Morocco’s candidature file.

The highest football governing body of the continent will then have to send an inspection mission to the Kingdom. The emissaries will have to visit the different cities and stadium that the country will have chosen to host this competition, which will be the second in its history.

According to sources at the FRMF, this mission is an obligation of the CAF. And this, even if the authority knows perfectly the situation of sports and hotel infrastructures in Morocco, it will be a simple routine procedure.

It should be noted that Morocco has still not officially submitted its candidature. Moreover, just after announcing the withdrawal of the CAN 2019 organization in Cameroon, the CAF opened the procedure for the submission of applications. The body chaired by Ahmad Ahmad promised to divulge the name of the host country before the end of the year.

As a reminder, the CAF held, last Friday, the meeting of its executive committee in Accra, Ghana. After more than ten hours in camera, it was decided, based on the various reports, to withdraw CAN 2019 in Cameroon. The country has fallen behind in construction and will not be ready next June to host the first tournament with 24 teams, against 16 before.

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