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A first electric battery factory in Morocco

Morocco is about to take its first industrial steps in the production chain of electric cars.

Indeed, the “Marocaine Industrielle des Batteries” (MARIBAT), a company specializing in the manufacture and marketing of batteries in different segments (cars, heavy goods vehicles, solar systems, marine, etc.), is immediately launching the construction of a first industrial unit in the Casablanca region, dedicated to the manufacture of electric battery components.

With a budget of more than 75 million dirhams, this project brings our country into the yard of the few countries capable of supplying such components to manufacturers of electric cars. It must be said that one of the peculiarities of the Kingdom relates to its mining resources, in particular Cobalt, fluorite or phosphate, the main components of electric batteries.

In addition, our country is at the center of the supply chain because of its trade agreements, which thus ensures a very low cost of importing raw materials and exporting them to the markets.

Remember that Maribat has proven know-how and a solid partnership with the leader in the manufacture of batteries in Turkey (YIGIT AKU). With Almabat (owned by Almamed) and Electra Batteries, MARIBAT is part of the top 3 in its sector in Morocco. Its current offer covers both the automotive segment, heavy goods vehicles, as well as those specific to marine and photovoltaic installations.

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