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A first sit in organized in front of the Danish Embassy in tribute to the two murdered tourists

They were fifteen to be recollected Thursday in front of the Danish Embassy in Rabat in tribute to the two murdered young Scandinavians whose bodies were found on December 17 in the region of Imlil, near Mount Toubkal.

Men and women, young and old, brought flowers and candles in front of the embassy, ​​brandishing leaves that read “We are sorry” and “Beklager” (Sorry, in Norwegian).

“We are here to express our regret and condolences to the Danish and Norwegian people and the families of the victims, and we condemn this criminal act committed by a lost group of society against innocent girls,” said participants.

Earlier that day, another Moroccan took the initiative to go alone to the same embassy holding a sign with the same message “Sorry”. The photo quickly went around social networks causing different reactions. While some netizens have kindly encouraged this act of solidarity, others have rejected even mocked his initiative, believing that only the perpetrators of the crime are to blame and that all Moroccans do not have to make excuses.

This Saturday, the time will be for solidarity and meditation with a larger gathering planned in front of the Embassy of Norway and Denmark from 17h. On the Facebook page of the event, more than 7,000 people confirmed their participation in this meeting initiated by the Moroccan Lawyers Club in memory of two young murdered tourists.

The region of Imlil, sixty kilometers from Marrakesh, was the scene, December 16, of a violent murder of a Norwegian tourist and another Danish. A first suspect was arrested in less than 24 hours after the discovery of the bodies, and three others were apprehended on December 20 in Marrakesh. The terrorist track was confirmed after the broadcast of a video showing all four bearing allegiance to Daesh. A video authenticated by the Central Bureau of Judicial Investigation (BCIJ). The Attorney General of the King said Thursday night that the investigation with the implicated continues under the supervision of the prosecution.

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