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A Moroccan businesswoman donates MAD 12 Million to build schools

Najiya Nadir, a Moroccan businesswoman volunteered to fund the construction of schools in the Casablanca-Settat region, Morocco.

The Directorate of the Ministry of Education in Settat, the Casablanca-Settat regional prefecture, and Najiya Nadir signed two partnership agreements on Friday after Nadir donated MAD 12 million to build a number of schools in the region.

Thanks to Nadir’s donations, a high school will be built in Oulad Fares, a small town and rural commune in Settat Province.

Nadir said that the purpose behind her initiative was to contribute to quality education in the country, especially in rural areas, noting the problems that children face when schools are too far for them, especially for rural girls who may become exposed to sexual abuse.

“When schools are 15 or 20 kilometers from the children, they start to face challenges such as exposure to drug use or rape,” said Nadir.

Nadir emphasized the importance of building schools, commenting on the large number of mosques that continue to be built in the country compared to the small number of schools in rural areas.

“Although one can pray at home, you can find many mosques in one area, aligned to each other,” Nadir argued, stating that it is not the case for schools that are much needed.

Nadir said that her initiative was also inspired by King Mohammed VI’s calls to improve and expand access to education.

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