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A new energy drink launched in Morocco

The Morocco Fast Food group has just announced the official launch of the “Gold” energy drink in Morocco. This is a product manufactured by “Gold Group”, with headquarters in Parma, Italy.

The drink “Gold” is unique: its bottle is characterized by its golden color so special and its shape to ripples both beautiful and attractive. Its taste and aroma are very distinctive.

Gold Energy will be marketed in Morocco, in several premium hotels in particular, but also in many restaurants and VIP cafes.

Before the global promotion of the drink began, the group began conducting numerous trials worldwide in 2014 under the supervision of Roger Emily University, in order to be able to control the quality and standards related to this drink. Such standards of testing and control have now been largely confirmed by the ONSSA laboratories (National Office for Sanitary Safety of Food Products) in Morocco.

Gold is currently distributed in a number of countries, including Switzerland, the United States, Russia, Argentina, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Colombia, Poland, Iran and Romania. It will now also be marketed in Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon, Tunisia and Turkey.

Hassan Alkhayyat, general manager of Morocco Fast Food, said the promotion of this drink in Morocco was in line with the strategy set by group, which includes the forthcoming launch of a number of projects in the Kingdom. “What encouraged us to invest in Morocco is security, prosperity and geographical location,” he said.

As a reminder, “Morocco Fast Food” was created in 2013 with the aim of developing the brand “AL TAZAJ” in Morocco. Today, she employs about 60 people. She is also the owner of the restaurant “AL TAZAJ” in Casablanca. The company will open very soon a new restaurants in the economic capital, in addition to two others in Marrakesh. Other openings are also expected in most major cities of the Kingdom. In the same vein, a new range of restaurants bearing the name “Koko Wawa” will soon be launched in many neighborhoods in Casablanca.

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