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A new life for the Oriental Express

A partnership agreement to promote tourism in the Oriental region via the revival of the Oriental Express railway line connecting Oujda to Bouarfa was signed Monday in Bouarfa, in the presence of the Minister of Tourism, Air Transport, and Social Economy, Mohamed Sajid.

More than 300 km long, this line is an attractive but original way of rail excursions and allows stops in several localities including Tendrara, Beni Oukil or Ain Benimathar, offering the opportunity to its passengers the opportunity to discover the immensity and splendor of the Eastern desert space.

This partnership agreement was signed by the Ministry of Tourism, the National Office of Railways (ONCF), the Wilaya of the Oriental Region, the Regional Council, the Agency for Promotion and Development in Oriental and other partners.

“The region of the Oriental is full of enormous natural and cultural assets, hence the idea of ​​relaunching this line to promote tourism in this region and to highlight the potentialities it has,” explained the director general of ONCF, Mohamed Rabie Khlie.

He also paid tribute to the commitment of the Wilaya and the Oriental Regional Council to develop the tourism sector and contribute to the socio-economic development of the region.

Built between 1925 and 1931 to transport troops and ores, the line drawn by a diesel locomotive, aims to attract tourists from Morocco and abroad, to boost economic activity in the region and to make known the local heritage of this region.

The signing of this partnership agreement took place in parallel with the inauguration by the Royal Air Maroc (RAM) of the direct line Casablanca-Bouarfa, as part of its partnership with the Oriental region to give a new impetus to tourism promotion and socio-economic development in this part of Morocco.

“Today, we have managed to open this new line which is a wish cherished by all the populations of this region who have always expressed the need for opening up on the air,” said Sajid on this occasion in a statement to the press.

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