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A pilot and three doctors involved in a case of illegal abortion

A pilot and three doctors were arrested in a clandestine abortion case. The pilot was supplying the doctors with drugs facilitating the abortion and banned from the sale that he procured in Spain.

Today Friday, May 10 at the first instance court of Marrakesh will be held the second trial session of a pilot and three doctors, involved in a case of illegal abortion. The pilot took advantage of his travels to purchase several drugs for sale, including Artotec, a drug treating rheumatic diseases and banned from sale since last June for use in illegal abortion operations.

According to a statement, the pilot is only 24 years old and is in the final year of training at the royal flying club in Marrakech. His doctor’s accomplice is him 34 years old. The latter took advantage of his relationship to obtain orders on behalf of his father, which he delivered to the driver so that he could buy drugs whose sale is illegal in Morocco. The case also broke up after girls prosecuted for illegal abortions denounced their doctor.

The latter initially tried to deny the case before confessing everything after the police presented him with all the evidence against him. He later explained that he had met the pilot at a party in Marrakech and that they had decided to launch in this case, with the help of two internal doctors. The doctor also told the police that the operations he had been doing for three years in a house, brought him at least MAD 3000. The pilot and the doctor were remanded in custody while the two girls who exposed this story were released on bail.

As a reminder, a study conducted in 2016 by the Moroccan Association of Family Planning (AMPF) specified that between five and eight cases of unsafe abortion per thousand women aged 15 to 44 years are held annually in Morocco, or 50,000 to 80,000 cases of abortion. Unsafe abortion is responsible for about 4.2% of maternal deaths and 5.5% of deaths from direct post-delivery complications.

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