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A theater banned Gad Elmaleh

The Bordel Comedy Club, the famous theater in Montreal, will ban Gad Elmaleh from his guests. A decision taken following the latest controversy that affects the comedian.

The decision to no longer Gad program is for Charles Deschamps, owner of the Bordel, “a symbolic way to demonstrate that a superstar like Gad Elmaleh can not leave as if nothing was with gags heard on other scenes”.

Recall that the YouTube channel CopyComic hit again. Created by a certain “Ben”, who prefers to remain anonymous, this channel, which lists cases of plagiarism among French humorists, released Monday a new video “Against” against Gad Elmaleh.

In this video, the channel compares, extracted with support, passages of the humorist borrowed from American, Quebec and French artists, such as George Carlin, Steven Wright, Dana Carvey, Patrick Huard, Martin Matte, Donal Jack’sman or Titoff.

In 2017, the channel compared a well-known Gad Elmaleh skit about flight attendants to that of American comedian Jerry Seinfeld, who dates back to 1986.

Invited in Daily on TMC, the Franco-Moroccan humorist had replied: “To say that I am inspired by Jerry Seinfeld, it is as if a politician would say if it were there: ‘it is an open secret’. It’s absurd … Was I inspired by Jerry Seinfeld? Yes. And those 20 seconds of that, I want to say that it’s nothing compared to what I take every day. I take him hours of inspiration,” he said, explaining that Jerry Seinfeld is his friend and they write their texts together. And to add: “We must instead accuse Air France of having plagiarized American Airlines!”.

“It made a buzz on the moment but, he regrets, there are no concrete consequences when there is something deeply unhealthy and dishonest,” said “Ben” quoted by the newspaper The world.

Meanwhile, CopyComic reserves another surprise to Gad. A second video about the comedian will be broadcast on February 4th …

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