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A visa-free trip between Morocco and Israel under consideration

A joint Moroccan-Israeli mutual visa exemption initiative is under consideration, as it will be on the agenda of the Foreign Relations and Defense Committee’s next meeting in the Knesset, said an Israeli politician.

“It is shameful and unacceptable for a European and a Russian to enter Israel without a “visa” and to ask for an entry visa from the Moroccan brother. I have been invited to the upcoming Knesset Foreign Relations and Defense Committee meeting. I will present a joint Israeli-Moroccan initiative for mutual visa exemption, and the Labor Party supports me,” said the politician, a member of the Israeli Labor Party.

Israeli Interior Ministry announced last month the start of free visa travel between Israel and UAE.

Alongside UAE, Bahrain, and Sudan, Morocco normalized ties with Israel under the mediation of Donald Trump’s administration.

The renewal of ties coincided with Trump’s government officially recognizing Moroccan sovereignty over Sahara territory, with Biden’s office keeping up with the decision.

Liaison offices between Morocco and Israel existed but were closed after the second Palestinian Intifada in the 2000s.

During his visit to the Kingdom, in August, Israeli foreign minister Yair Lapid inaugurated the headquarters of the Israeli liaison office in Moroccan Capital, Rabat, as he signed three cooperation agreements with his counterpart Nasser Bourita.

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