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AD Industries inaugurates a new factory in Morocco

The AD Industries Group inaugurated in Casablanca, its second industrial site in Morocco, specializing in the production of aeronautical metal parts.

Located in the free zone of Midparc, this site, with an area of ​​5,000 m², specializes in boilermaking activities with high-tech cutting, forming, bending and welding resources. It is the only structure to carry out punching in the Moroccan aeronautical industry and also has a latest generation 5-axis laser unique in Morocco, specifies the ministry.

The site also includes machining, milling, turning, grinding on digital and conventional means and assembly activities through a dedicated line allowing the integration of manufactured parts into complex assemblies.

This state-of-the-art industrial project marks the AD Industries Group’s desire to develop its position as a benchmark player in the international aeronautics industry by supplementing its industrial offer with an additional ambitious, high-performance platform while remaining at the forefront of current aeronautical technologies.

Speaking on this occasion, the Minister of Industry and Trade, Ryad Mezzour, stressed that this project initiates a new phase of development of Boeing’s locomotive ecosystem and the value chain of the Moroccan aeronautics sector.

Its implementation reinforces the emergence of new increasingly complex and innovative trades, such as the manufacture of engine parts, thus strengthening the positioning of the Kingdom in activities with high added value and the development of the local supply chain of the sector, he observed.

And to add that the “Engine” ecosystem is now committed to a strong dynamic of great significance for the future of the sector which will soon attract new, equally structuring projects, attesting to the credibility of the Morocco as an essential partner.

Despite the health crisis, the Group, supported by its shareholders, actively pursued its investments, including the new factory in Casablanca, the result of a Group deployment strategy around 3 axes.

The aim is to develop the group’s growth by strengthening its presence in Morocco, where the AD Industries Group has been established for more than 10 years with its Tangier unit specializing in the production of composite material parts.

The Tangier plant mainly produces products for civil aeronautics and medical radiology. The Casablanca industrial site completes the presence of the AD Industries Group by offering a complete panoply in a high-tech metal / composite mix to produce parts and complete assemblies in Morocco.

The second axis consists of being part of the strategy of customers who are looking for an extension of high-tech resources in countries such as Morocco near Europe. The SAFRAN Group is therefore the launch customer for this new entity. The site is intended to accommodate other projects by supporting its customers both internationally and by joining the local supply chain.

The presence in Morocco of global groups such as Airbus, Safran, Raytheon Technologies, Spirit Aerosystems, are opportunities to create or strengthen partnerships. Future projects such as those announced by Boeing are all additional reasons to become part of the Moroccan aeronautical industry in the long term.

It is, thirdly, to support the development of the Moroccan aeronautical and industrial sectors. In close collaboration with government authorities, the AD Industries Group is the pioneer of the “motor” ecosystem, and as such, continues to develop the supply chain in the local territory.

It should be noted that the AD Industries Group, a specialist in the manufacture of complex metal parts, has been producing aircraft engine parts for 50 years. With the resumption of global aeronautical activity, the Group is accelerating its establishment in Morocco. The Casablanca site has launched major recruitments in partnership with the Institute of Aeronautical Professions (IMA).

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