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AfCON 2019: The calendar of Morocco’s matches

The Moroccan team will play in Cairo. On paper, the first match will be the easiest. This is Namibia, Sunday, June 23. Then Morocco will face Ivory Coast, then South Africa. The Moroccan group is considered the most disputed.

Here is the complete calendar. Schedules are given in Egyptian local time. If the legal time does not change by then, neither in Egypt nor in Morocco, it is necessary to subtract an hour to obtain the Moroccan time. For example, the Egypt-Zimbabwe opening match will take place at 21:00 Moroccan time.

Friday June 21
22:00: Egypt-Zimbabwe (Group A), Cairo

Saturday, June 22
4.30 pm: DR Congo – Uganda (group A), Cairo
7 pm: Nigeria-Burundi (group B), Alexandria
22 hours: Guinea-Madagascar (group B), in Alexandria

Sunday, June 23
4.30 pm: Morocco-Namibia (group D), in Cairo
7 pm: Senegal-Tanzania (Group C), Cairo
22 hours: Algeria-Kenya (Group C), Cairo

Monday, June 24
4.30 pm: Ivory Coast – South Africa (Group D), Cairo
7 pm: Tunisia-Angola (group E), in Suez
22 hours: Mali-Mauritania (group E), in Suez

Tuesday, June 25
7 pm: Cameroon – Guinea-Bissau (Group F), Ismailia
22 hours: Ghana-Benin (group F), Ismailia

Wednesday, June 26
4.30 pm: Nigeria-Guinea (group B), in Alexandria
7 pm: Uganda-Zimbabwe (group A), Cairo
22 hours: Egypt – DR Congo (group A), Cairo

Thursday, June 27
4.30 pm: Madagascar-Burundi (group B), in Alexandria
7 pm: Senegal-Algeria (Group C), Cairo
22:00: Kenya-Tanzania (Group C), Cairo

Friday, June 28
4.30 pm: Tunisia-Mali (group E), in Suez
7 pm: Morocco – Ivory Coast (group D), in Cairo
22:00: South Africa – Namibia (Group D), Cairo

Saturday, June 29
4.30 pm: Mauritania-Angola (group E), in Suez
7 pm: Cameroon-Ghana (Group F), Ismailia
22:00: Benin – Guinea-Bissau (group F), Ismailia

Sunday, June 30
18 hours: Madagascar-Nigeria (group B), in Alexandria
18 hours: Burundi-Guinea (group B), Cairo
9 pm: Uganda-Egypt (group A), Cairo
9 pm: Zimbabwe – DR Congo (group A), Cairo

Monday, July 1st
18 hours: South Africa – Morocco (group D), Cairo
18 hours: Namibia – Ivory Coast (group D), Cairo
9 pm: Kenya-Senegal (Group C), Cairo
9 pm: Tanzania-Algeria (group C), Cairo

Tuesday, July 2
18 hours: Benin-Cameroon (group F), Ismailia
18 hours: Guinea-Bissau – Ghana (group F), in Suez
21 hours: Mauritania-Tunisia (group E), in Suez
9 pm: Angola-Mali (group E), in Ismailia

Eighth finals
Friday, July 5th
18 hours: 1st group D – 3rd group B / E / F, Cairo
9 pm: 2nd group A – 2nd group C, Cairo

Saturday, July 6th
18 hours: 2nd in Group B – 2nd in Group F, Alexandria
9 pm: 1st group A – 3rd group C / D / E, Cairo

Sunday, July 7th
18 hours: 1st in Group B – 3rd in Group A / C / D, Alexandria
9 pm: 1st Group C – 3rd Group A / B / F, Cairo

Monday, July 8
18 hours: 1st group E – 2nd group D, Suez
9 pm: 1st group F – 2nd group E, Ismailia

Wednesday, July 10
18 hours: quarter-finals 1, Cairo
9 pm: Quarterfinal 2, Cairo

Thursday, July 11th
18 hours: quarter-finals 3, at Suez
9 pm: quarterfinal 4, Cairo

Sunday, July 14
18 hours: semifinal 1, in Cairo
9 pm: semifinal 2, in Cairo

Match for 3rd place
Wednesday July 17th
9 pm, Cairo

Friday, July 19th
9 pm, Cairo

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