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AFD draws its balance sheet of 2018

The total amount of commitments of the French Development Agency (AFD) reached 11.4 billion euros in 2018, an increase of one billion euros compared to 2017, according to the balance sheet presented Wednesday by the Agency. These commitments increased by 40% in 3 years. They will finance 846 new development projects that have been launched, 94 more than in 2017.

In detail, AFD has doubled the resources allocated to climate change adaptation projects. It should be noted that Africa has concentrated half of AFD’s total commitments, while 10,000 African companies and start-ups will be supported by 2022 thanks to the 2.5 billion euros of the Choose Africa initiative.

In Morocco, AFD has granted a loan for the Gender Responsive Budgeting (GRB) approach and supported projects in the sports sector. Last year, AFD funding helped to enroll 463,000 girls and improve access to health for 14 million people. In addition, 7 million people had access to electricity and 826,000 people to drinking water in addition to protecting or restoring 50,000 km² of natural areas.

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