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Africa Security Forum calls for the establishment of an African Observatory for Cybersecurity

The participants in the 10th Africa Security Forum, under the theme “Building the security of the future for Africa”, hosted by the Moroccan Center for Strategic Studies in partnership with the African Federation for Strategic Studies, Legislation and public policies for African cyber security are in line with the speed of connectivity to the African continent, as well as the commitment of States to adopt new systems through laws that are at the level of countering the threat posed by the digital threat.

The countries participating in the forum stressed the need for African countries to commit to the establishment of the African Institute of Cybersecurity to confront digital fragility and create a common African cyber space and protect the personal data of citizens through national committees for personal data.

On the other hand, participants stressed the protection of countries to the administrative systems and the electoral process and respect for the best professional practices in the field of information security (legal, technical, organizational, communication ..) and the adoption of rules of vigilance in the field of digital security.

They also called on all States to include in their all administrative, technical and commercial proposals the “cybersecurity” aspect and to develop national strategies related to defense and security of information systems, as well as to promote public-private partnership in various strategies to combat digital threats.

The recommendations also included the development of national, regional and international policies to prevent and combat violent extremism and horizontal integration, gender-based approaches focusing on gender-specific sensitization programs and combating violent extremism by ensuring women’s autonomy.

Expressing their awareness of the digital transformation witnessed by the entire African continent and the challenge posed by cybersecurity and the risks posed by illegal access to information regarding experience and innovation throughout the continent and the need to protect fragile information systems, participants expressed their keen interest in improving the performance of African governance in the area of ​​security Information.

In the context of countering cybercrime, which poses a real threat to the security of information networks and the development of the information society in Africa, it is necessary to identify the major directions of the strategy of combating cybercrime in the member countries of the African Union by meeting current commitments at the local, regional and international levels.

They also reaffirmed the adherence of Member States to the preservation of fundamental freedoms and human and peoples’ rights contained in the declarations, conventions and other mechanisms adopted by the African Union and the United Nations.

During the event, the organization under the patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI highlighted the reality of security in Africa and highlighted the challenges facing the continent, with the participation of a number of experts and officials of international organizations and civil and military officials from several countries.

The workshop focused on a number of topics, including: “Re-conceptualizing the concept of security in the digital age, changing models and concepts”, “Africa in the face of chronic vulnerabilities, cross-border and asymmetric threats” and ” .. between the conflicts and the emerging threats.”

It also provided an opportunity to discuss such diverse issues as the African Union in the face of the challenge of reforming the Peace and Security Council, the nature and scope of cyber threats, harmful actors, working methods, intelligence as a weapon in the fight against emerging security threats, Cyber ​​terrorism and cybercrime, terrorist and hybrid criminal organizations, threats and hybrid wars, the necessary transformation of security and defense services, and space and air space intelligence.

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