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Africom strengthens its cooperation with Morocco

Welcoming cooperation and coordination with the Royal Armed Forces (FAR) over the past year, the United States Africa Command (AFRICOM) says it wants to strengthen cooperation with its African partners, including Morocco.

“In October, Mohamed Lazaar became the first non-commissioned officer of the Moroccan armed forces to participate in the international training program for non-commissioned officers, organized by the Swiss army and focused on the development of military skills and leadership training in a multinational environment,” notes the United States Africa Command (AFRICOM).

The command of the US Marine Corps in Europe and Africa continued to train alongside its African partners, particularly in the context of humanitarian mine action which aims to build capacity within communities affected by the mines, and this, in cooperation with the Royal Moroccan Armed Forces, adds the same source.

“Through a continued and effective commitment to develop and promote a common vision of regional security, stability and prosperity in Africa, through a whole-of-government perspective,” AFRICOM says it continued in 2021 its efforts to strengthen ties cooperation with African partners.

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