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Agreements signed between Morocco and Croatia

On Friday, Morocco and Croatia signed three cooperation agreements on global partnership, tourism and health.

This is a Memorandum of Understanding on the Long-Term Global Partnership, an Agreement on Cooperation in the Field of Tourism, and another Memorandum of Understanding on Health Cooperation and medicine. The agreements were initialed by Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Minister Nasser Bourita and Croatian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign and European Affairs Marija Pesjcinovic Buric, who is making a working visit to the Kingdom in the lead of importance delegation.

According to the Memorandum of Understanding on Long-term Global Partnership, Morocco and Croatia are committed to establishing a global partnership through cooperation in the political, parliamentary, economic, cultural and social spheres, in order to achieve the development of both countries.

This partnership will take various forms including a regular political dialogue at the governmental level, and will be forged through the identification of priority economic sectors, the promotion of cooperation between the respective parliaments and the actors of civil society, the signing of sectoral agreements, as well as the exchange of information and visits by experts.

In this respect, a joint commission will be established to monitor and apply the provisions of this memorandum and to set objectives, priorities and measures to achieve them.

With regard to the agreement on cooperation in the field of tourism, both parties undertake to create favorable conditions for the development of long-term cooperation in the field of tourism, in the mutual interest, through the strengthening of exchange of information on tourism development strategies, incentives to attract tourism investment in both countries, training systems at all levels, and exchange of documentation and legislation the area.

As for the memorandum of understanding in the field of health and medicine, it defines the framework for cooperation between the two parties, which covers priority areas such as maternal, child and neonatal health, capacity building in human resources, medical products and equipment, health tourism and epidemiological control.

To this end, the memorandum provides for the setting up of a joint working group to monitor the implementation of its provisions.

Buric makes a working visit to the Kingdom from February 7 to 9, at the head of a large delegation of businessmen and economic operators from the renewable energy sector and the military industry, with the aim of promote trade and investment between Morocco and Croatia.

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