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Ahmed Zefzafi: “My son suffered a stroke”

Ahmed, the father of Hirak leader Nasser Zefzafi, said his son felt Saturday, Jan. 26 a leg pain before having partial paralysis. “He immediately alerted the guards. A few minutes later, one of them arrived with a bottle of alcohol. My son insisted that a doctor come to examine him for the seriousness of his condition. Faced with the indifference of the guards, the detainees held a demonstration,” he wrote on his Facebook wall.

The guards finally agreed to bring back a doctor who, after examining Nasser, ordered his emergency transfer to the hospital.

He added: “The prison director tried to provoke my son, pushing the doctor to intervene and evacuate him to the hospital. Upon arrival at the medical facility, he was examined by a neurologist, a cardiologist and an urologist. Nasser finally found that the prison administration was hiding information since March 1, 2018 about his state of health, when he had symptoms of a stroke. Saturday, January 26, he finally learned that he has a stroke”.

The father also felt that Nasser’s condition would have worsened because of the torture he suffered during those months of detention.

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