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Algeria: Army chief calls for dismissal of Bouteflika

The chief of staff of the Algerian army, General Gaid Salah, asked Tuesday to initiate the procedure provided by Article 102 of the Constitution, when the President of the Republic “due to serious and lasting illness is totally unable to perform his duties”.

This article stipulates that “When the President of the Republic, because of serious and lasting illness, is totally unable to perform his duties, the Constitutional Council meets as of right, and after having verified the reality of this impediment by all appropriate means, proposes, unanimously, the Parliament to declare the state of impediment. The Parliament sitting in chambers together declares the state of impediment of the President of the Republic, by a two-thirds majority ( 2/3) of its members and charge of the interim of the Head of State, for a maximum period of forty five (45) days, the President of the Council of the Nation, which exercises its prerogatives in the respect of the provisions of Article 104 of the Constitution”.

Weakened for several years following a stroke, the Algerian president reacted to popular discontent by announcing his withdrawal from the elections scheduled for April. However, he had decided to extend his term beyond April 28, when the current term of office expired.

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