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Algeria: The brother of Bouteflika has been arrested

Saïd Bouteflika, former advisor Abdelaziz Bouteflika’s brother, and generals Mohamed Mediene and Athmane Tartag were arrested on Saturday by the General Directorate of Internal Security (DGSI), security sources said.

Saïd Bouteflika and the former head of Algeria’s secret service Mohamed Mediene, as well as the former intelligence services coordinator, Athmane Tartag, are currently being heard by the services of the DGSI, as part of of the investigation into their activities, which have been denounced by the Chief of Staff of the Army, General Ahmed Gaïd Salah, said the same source.

In an address delivered on 16 April in Ouargla, Ahmed Gaïd Salah publicly denounced the maneuvers of certain parties aimed at influencing the ongoing political transition and cited by name General Toufik, while saying that he possesses “irrefutable evidence on these abject facts.”

In recent weeks, justice has called several senior Algerian officials and businessmen, including former Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia and the Minister of Finance and former Governor of the Bank of Algeria, Mohamed Loukal for their alleged involvement in fraud cases.

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