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Algerian president received Moroccan ambassador

Abdelkader Bensalah, Algerian head of state, received the ambassador of the Kingdom in Algiers. This, on the occasion of the delivery by Lahcen Abdekhalek of his credentials to the president of our eastern neighbors.

The Moroccan ambassador to Algiers was one of the new ambassadors accredited at the ceremony held last Thursday at the Palace of El Moradia, official residence and office of the President of the People’s Democratic Republic.

On the occasion of this meeting, Abdelkader Bensalah instructed the Moroccan diplomat to convey “his greetings and consideration” to King Mohammed VI. The Algerian interim president also wanted to reiterate his determination to “consolidate bilateral relations,” reports Algeria Presse Service (APS).

For its part, Lahcen Abdelkhalek said he transmitted to the Algerian head of state “the greetings and the feelings of consideration of King Mohammed VI”. The Moroccan ambassador also expressed the concern of the sovereign “to work for the consolidation of relations between the two brother countries”. And this, according to the APS, “in favor of trust, solidarity and good neighborliness in all areas, in addition to strengthening the tradition of coordination and consultation, to meet regional and international challenges”.

On the other hand, several observers believe that the fact that Lahcen Abdekhalek was received by the successor of Bouteflika augurs a warming of Moroccan-Algerian relations. Particularly, at a time when the history of Algeria is undergoing profound changes after the forced resignation of Bouteflika and the landing of certain names known by their fierce opposition to the territorial integrity of the Kingdom. For the same observers, the new deal could foreshadow the definitive resolution of the prefabricated conflict around the Moroccan Sahara and the reopening of the borders between the two countries that Morocco, the state and the people have been calling for for a long time.

As for the ambassador of Morocco who, it will be remembered, had been appointed to his post in 2016, he is invested with a mission that will not be easy, even if everyone recognizes him a certain knowledge of the file concerning the cause of Morocco. Knowing that he was at the head of a delegation of journalists during the visit that the late King Hassan II had carried out in Algeria on June 7, 1988. As he had had the opportunity to visit several times in the neighboring country, between 1988 and 1994.

Finally, it should be noted that the appointment of Lahcen Abdelkhalek, three years ago, was received in Algeria with a certain reserve, even a certain reserve. And some Algerian media were then quickly gone to work and were quick to point the positions of the Istiqlal party, which belongs to the Moroccan diplomat, on relations between the two neighboring countries.

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