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Algerians demand the end of the entire regime

This Friday, March 29, Algerians took to the streets for the 6th week in a row. Hundreds of thousands of protesters broke ground in various cities across the country to demand the resignation of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika. For the first time, the Algerian public television broadcast the images of the demonstrations.

Also, slogans were chanted against the chief of staff of the army, Deputy Minister of Defense General, Ahmed Gaïd Salah. Indeed, the demonstrators demanded the change of the whole political system, refusing the solutions “provisional and partial”.

The strong mobilization during the demonstrations observed this Friday would mean that “the Algerians are determined to obtain the departure of the whole system and the launch of a real transition”, explains the Algerian news site TSA.

Recall that the Chief of Staff Ahmed Gaïd Salah claimed Tuesday, March 26, the application of Article 102 of the Algerian Constitution, which provides for the dismissal of the President of the Republic in case of serious illness and impossibility of perform his duties.

“We must adopt a solution that guarantees the satisfaction of all the legitimate demands of the Algerian people and guarantees the respect of the provisions of the Constitution and the continuity of the sovereignty of the State, a solution likely to be accepted by all,” he said in a speech delivered during his visit to the 4th military region of Ouargla.

According to Article 102 of the Constitution of the Republic of Algeria, “when the President of the Republic, because of serious and lasting illness, is totally unable to perform his duties, the Constitutional Council meets as of right and having verified the reality of this impediment by all appropriate means, proposes, unanimously, the Parliament to declare the state of impediment”.

The appeal of the Chief of Staff of the Army for the implementation of Article 102 of the Constitution was broadcast in a loop on the public television channel A3.

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