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Ali Bongo left The Kingdom

The information was relayed by the Gabonese media in the evening of Sunday, February 24.

President Ali Bongo, who was in Morocco following a stroke, left Morocco Sunday to Gabon, but “could return,” says media.

“Welcome back home ya Ali”, could we read on a photo broadcast on social networks in Gabon. At the time of publishing this article, no source of the Gabonese Presidency has officially confirmed this homecoming.

Recall that Ali Bongo had already made the trip to Libreville. In January, he made a round trip to his country for the swearing in of the new government.

On December 31, President Ali Bongo addressed the Gabonese people from Rabat for his traditional New Year speech. A speech that was broadcast on all national TVs in the country, but also on social networks.

During this speech, Ali Bongo had given news about his state of health which concerns the Gabonese people. “It’s true that I’ve been through a difficult time, as sometimes happens in life. This test, I have today overcome it. As you can see, I am better,” he said. On Monday, January 7, soldiers tried a coup in Gabon, justifying their initiative by the consequences of the state of health of the president on the management of the country.

Ali Bongo traveled to Morocco on 27 November to perform a medical stay for the purpose of rehabilitation and convalescence at the Military Hospital Instruction Mohammed V Rabat. King Mohammed VI had visited him on December 3 at the hospital. During this visit, the Sovereign rejoiced at the health of the Gabonese president who was evolving favorably from day to day.

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