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American stole $ 10 million on behalf of royal family

The Atlanta Federal Court sentenced a US citizen to 13 years and 11 months in prison for a scam on behalf of the Moroccan royal family. He was ordered to pay damages of $ 5.5 million in favor of the injured companies.

The 45-year-old, who posed as a wealthy investor in the royal family, invited his victims to hand over their credit files to him in return for substantial compensation. According to believe, access to the royal family’s wealth would allow them to easily have surety insurance for bank loans.

Using fake insurance policies, Hassan Ra El, also known as Rasheem Harrson Crockett, managed to scam many entrepreneurs who had been trapped by stealing more than $ 10 million from them. It justified the large sums by guarantee commissions or insurance premiums payable to cover possible incidents of payment of maturities.

The repeat offender, loyal to the same modus operandi for over 15 years, had escaped prison sentence in 2006 on the same charge. Since then, he had to change his identity to continue his activity.

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