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AMSSNUR reforms transform Morocco into a leading nuclear model

“The legal and regulatory framework stipulated by Law No. 12-142 requires more follow-up and rehabilitation; despite the legal and regulatory requirements, downloading it needs to be done,” said Khemar Mourabit, director-general of the Moroccan Agency for Nuclear and Radiological Safety and Safety (AMSSNUR) To qualified frameworks in the field”.

“The strategy between 2017 and 2021 seeks to overcome the delays in the field of nuclear and radiation safety and security for all activities and facilities that are used for sources of ionizing radiation during the current period,” Mourabit said during a seminar held by the Moroccan Agency for Security and Safety in the nuclear and radiological fields Tuesday in Casablanca” he said.

“The Agency has succeeded in adapting the legal arsenal to the various international standards and treaties ratified by Morocco. It has also contributed to enhancing levels of security and safety in the nuclear and radiological fields, as well as the development of national capacities in this regard. This has made the Kingdom a role model in the Middle East and the African continent.”

“The Agency has granted about 1,500 licenses for facilities and activities used for sources of ionizing radiation, especially in the fields of health, industry, agriculture and scientific research. It has established dozens of laboratories to provide permanent contact with the actors in the field, as well as ensuring continuous communication with the professionals of the nuclear and radiological sectors. Which is known by the international community in these areas, “confirms Mourabit during the press conference, which was dedicated to the presentation of the work plan of the Agency next year as approved by the Administrative Council.

Professionals in the nuclear and radiological sectors used the opportunity to meet to discuss the various organizational and regulatory aspects stipulated in the provisions of Law No. 12-142, as well as international trends and standards in both fields. The results of the work of the Committee for the Rehabilitation of the Regulatory Framework, composed of various ministries, sectors and professional associations, including the draft regulatory texts on the above-mentioned law, were also presented to the thematic groups; this clearly illustrates the efforts of the Agency to promote Morocco’s regional and international radiation.

The 2017-2021 strategy envisages the rehabilitation of the current legal and regulatory framework, the development of a nuclear safety regime and emergency radiation intervention plans, in coordination with national institutions and stakeholders, as well as the development of regional and international cooperation in the Agency’s areas of competence.

Since its founding in 2016, AMSSNUR has awarded more than 1,000 licenses for activities related to the nuclear and radiological fields. A public institution of a strategic nature whose mission is to ensure that citizens, society and the environment are protected from the risks associated with the use of ionizing radiation.

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