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Amzazi announces good news for contract teachers

The Minister of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research, Saïd Amzazi, has announced the suspension of all the administrative measures taken against senior teachers of the regional Academies of Education and Training (AREF).

This measure comes “in accordance with the results of the meeting of April 13, during which the government undertook to suspend all administrative measures in the event of the return of AREF senior staff to classes,” Amzazi said in margin of a visit, Thursday, in schools in Sefrou.

“This commitment has been respected on both sides. All these measures have been suspended, wages paid and, most importantly, is the continuation of the dialogue,” said the minister, adding that these teachers have returned Monday, their institutions.

The minister proposed, for this purpose, the date of Friday, May 10, for the resumption of the dialogue with the most representative education unions and the representatives of the senior teachers of the Academies, “with a view to creating a climate of serenity for families and students and start catching up on school time, which was one of our priorities.”

This dialogue “will certainly be fruitful and responsible and will contribute to the development of this relationship of trust and good faith between the ministry and the AREF senior staff”, he continued.

As a reminder, contract teachers are calling for their integration into the public service. In response to this demand, the Minister of National Education had stated that there can be no backtracking on clauses linking the Ministry to contract teachers.

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