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An alert study on the risks of very hot tea consumption

Drinking tea is a daily habit in many countries, especially Morocco. However, consumers rarely question the risks associated with the consumption of very hot tea. A study conducted in Iran, however, has just warned about the risk of cancer represented by the consumption of tea at temperatures exceeding 60 degrees Celcius.

According to findings published in the International Journal of Cancer (IJC), tea drinkers who enjoy their drink at a temperature above 60 degrees Celsius and who consume more than 700 ml of tea a day (about two cups), exhibit esophageal cancer risk is 90% higher than those who drink less tea and cooler temperatures. In total, the study involved more than 50,000 inhabitants of the Iranian province of Golestan (north-east).

In the past, studies have already highlighted the connection between esophageal cancer and drinking very hot tea. This is the first time a study has fixed a temperature at risk. In total, 50,045 people aged 40 to 75 years were followed for 10 years on average. Some 317 cases of esophageal cancer have been identified.

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