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Anass Doukkali holds a meeting with pharmacists

The Minister of Health, Anass Doukkali held a meeting in Rabat, with representatives of the National Council of the Order of Pharmacists, the National Federation of Trade Unions of Pharmacists of Morocco, the Confederation of Trade Unions of Pharmacists of Morocco and the National Union of Pharmacists of Morocco, devoted to the study of the general situation of the sector, in particular the fiscal part.

At this meeting, held as part of the implementation of the action plan of the Ministry of Health with representatives of the pharmaceutical sector and marked by the presence of the Director General of Taxes. The Minister emphasized the importance the pharmaceutical sector and its awareness of its problems, expressing the strong will of the Ministry to relaunch the debate to improve the sector and the situation of the pharmaceutical business, while respecting all applicable laws.

According to a statement from the ministry, Doukkali said that health system reform is everyone’s responsibility, stressing that the pharmaceutical sector is of major importance in this system, especially in terms of availability and safety of medicines.

The Minister referred to the efforts made by the Ministry, particularly with regard to strengthening the legal arsenal of medicines and hygiene items, including “vital equivalence” and “the Pharmacopoeia Decision”, as well as the law organizing the order of pharmacists being approved.

Regarding the decree fixing the price of the drug, the Minister noted that the World Health Organization has launched an impact study on the subject, the results of which will be published, adding that a revision of the provisions of this decree will also be initiated in partnership with industry players.

Regarding the control of the legal circuit of medicines, the minister mentioned some projects to establish an exclusive list of drugs to be administered by clinics and the creation of the National Agency of medicines and health products.

For its part, the President of the National Council of the Order of Pharmacists presented a comprehensive presentation on the financial situation “difficult” and constraints encountered in the pharmaceutical sector, especially pharmacists.

Presidents of the Confederation of Pharmacists Unions of Morocco, the National Federation of Pharmacists Unions of Morocco and the National Union of Pharmacists of Morocco have stressed the need to “lift the tax injustice that affects pharmacy pharmacists to promote full and equitable access to medicines and to find a solution to the problem of the application of the decree on the terms and conditions for the determination of the public selling price of manufactured or imported medicinal products.

They also raised points related to the fight against non-compliance with the legal circuit of medicines for human or veterinary use, the revision and promulgation of legislation governing the sector, as well as various procedures to practice the profession.

The Director General of Taxes, for his part, referred to the working principles of the Directorate General of Taxes and his responsibility for implementing the laws in force, underlining his willingness to discuss with all the parties in order to take cognizance of the sector specificities and to find practical solutions in line with pharmacists’ expectations for the standardization of procedures, notes the press release.

It was agreed on that occasion to hold the first meeting between the General Tax Directorate and the representative bodies of pharmacists on January 10, 2019, the same source noted.

At the end of this meeting, it had been proposed to set up a joint commission composed of the Ministry of Health, the Directorate General of Taxation and the other components of the profession, which will be in charge of following up on the points discussed at this meeting and to determine a detailed work schedule on the problem of taxation and professional problems.

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