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Arrest of Carlos Ghosn and investigations with him ignite the rift between the alliance “Renault” and “Nissan”

In a letter to their counterparts in Nissan published by a French newspaper on Sunday, Renault’s lawyers expressed dissatisfaction with the means used by the Japanese group to question the employees of the French automaker.

In this letter, dated January 19, published in the French daily “Le Journal du Dimanche”, the lawyers of “Renault” expressed “deep concern about the means used by Nissan”, its legal council for conducting internal investigations, and its treatment of some of the employees of Renault” He said.

The 10-page document was sent by Renault’s lawyers to their counterparts at Nissan.

The lawyers of the French group that “Renault collected enough evidence to understand the means, used by Nissan, and her lawyers in an attempt to push the Office of the Attorney General of Japan to interrogate the employees of Renault.”

They added that “Nissan” and its lawyers were looking “in France for elements to strengthen the indictment against Carlos Ghosn after his arrest, without reference to their ally.”

The newspaper said that “Nissan” also “try to search apartments,” former president of the alliance “Renault Nissan” in Brazil, Lebanon and the Netherlands without informing Renault, “condemning these” abuses.”

Carlos Ghosn was arrested in Tokyo on November 19 and jailed in Japan on suspicion of using trust and not declaring earnings in statements he submitted to the stock exchange authorities from 2010 to 2018.

Ghosn, who has been president since 2005, resigned from the position at the end of January and was removed from Nissan and Mitsubishi after revealing this information.

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