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Attacks in New Zealand: Erdogan mentioned Morocco

Nearly one week to the day, after the heinous terrorist act that killed 50 innocent victims, whose only fault is to be Muslim, New Zealand had a memorable Friday of indignation, compassion and solidarity.

The tribute paid to the victims of the carnage perpetrated by the Australian extremist enlightened, in two mosques of Christchurch, was most vibrant. Thus, two minutes of silence were observed throughout the country after the call of prayer (Al Adane) this Friday, March 22 was broadcast by radio and television New Zealand. Just like the Prime Minister, Jacinda Arden, and thousands of citizens also gathered in front of the first mosque, Al-Nour (the light), having sheltered the first murderous kills of the killer, to which we will not make the honor to quote the name.

The Kingdom, of which the Sovereign and the other components of society have manifested, in many ways, their indignation and solidarity, has been evoked in this unspeakable tragedy. And by whom? By Turkish President Recib Tayyip Erdogan, in a free column of the American newspaper The Washington post.

In his statement glorifying the conspiracy and Islamophobic theory known as the “Great Gathering”, credo of right-wing extremists around the world, the Australian terrorist allegedly quoted Turkey and its president. He then said he was intrigued by this and decided the authorities of Ankara to launch an investigation on the subject.

And indeed, it turned out that the author of these terrorist attacks had indeed stayed twice in Turkey in 2016. And Erdogan to add that the Australian had also passed through other countries including Croatia, Israel and … Morocco.

The Turkish President, without giving more details about the terrorist’s stays in these countries, nor their motivations, ensures his country’s cooperation with New Zealand in order to elucidate the ins and outs of this tragedy and to ensure that such terrorist acts can not happen again.

Remember that the Australian was inspired by the idea of ​​killing Muslims “invaders” during his stay in France. His great disappointment that Marie Lepen, president of the National Rally, former National Front, once again failed in the presidential elections is also for many in his murderous madness that made 50 innocent victims, women, children and men, in Christchurch, this fatal Friday March 15th current.

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