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Authorities intend to demolish the house of the President of Algeria

Moroccan authorities are moving to demolish the house of Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika in the city of Oujda after it has become a fall and threatens the safety of neighboring houses. Local authorities in the eastern capital informed the Algerian consulate in Morocco of the decision to demolish the house.

The decision to demolish the building was only approved by the owners of the house, the family of the Algerian president, who appeared to have reached a final decision with the Moroccan authorities to demolish the house in the old city of central Oujda. Local authorities explain the demolition decision as a threat to the rest of the houses adjacent to it, especially with the recent rains.

Algerian sources say officials at the Algerian consulate in Oujda will replace the site to oversee the demolition. The demolition decision dates back to 2017, but its implementation has been delayed due to legal procedures that require owners to start demolishing their property or paying the costs if the municipality is to be involved in the demolition. However, in this case, the case is sensitive.

The sources said that the mayor of Oujda, Omar Hajira, met with the Consul General of Algeria, together with a woman representing the family of President Bouteflika, and informed him the details of the decision, and said: “We insisted that this be done in the shortest time in view of the situation of the house if a wall collapsed and killed someone, The case becomes too big.”

In the city of Oujda, another house was also moved to the family of Bouteflika, which is still in existence today and has been rehabilitated.

In the same context, the mayor of Oujda, Omar Hajira, said in a statement that he had received a woman representing the family of the Algerian president and informed her of the demolition decision has been understood, as it is expected to start local authorities soon to demolish the remains of the ruins of the old house, That “the actions taken so far tend to a final confirmation of the demolition of the old building.”

“The authorities have not yet started the demolition, but they have received notice of the start of work soon after notification of the family of Algerian President Bouteflika,” he said, adding that “the authorities are on the alert to demolish the building because of problems that may impede the passage of passers-by.”

The family of the Algerian president had earlier introduced several repairs and renovations on the house, before the intervention of the Department of Reconstruction and works to stop the work on the pretext of not available on the necessary administrative licenses.

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