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Automotive: Morocco can be the most competitive hub in the world

Morocco intends to take advantage of all the opportunities offered by the crisis to become the most competitive automotive hub in the world, said Minister of Industry, Trade, Green and Digital Economy, Moulay Hafid Elalamy.

Emphasizing the imperative to take advantage of the global crisis, the minister indicated in an interview, that Morocco is in a position to become the most competitive automotive hub in the world.

The need to rely more on oneself is also a lesson from this crisis, he said, specifying that “by trusting in our living forces, our country was able to increase in competence, in production and in agility in record time, despite health constraints”.

“If we produce respirators, resuscitation beds, test and collection kits in a few weeks, imagine what we could do over time”, observed the minister, continuing that Moroccan capital must take advantage of this confidence regained and invest more in the automotive field.

The Minister, in this regard, noted that the international context brings real opportunities for the sector. Mass mobility is less popular since the crisis, the personal vehicle is regaining interest for households, including in large cities, he said.

He also stressed that two actions are prioritized for the automobile, namely improving competitiveness through deep local integration, and decarbonizing the ecosystem so that it is efficient on the energy side and manages to maintain our export market shares.

“With this objective, we will continue to improve the deep integration of our ecosystems and to continue the development of Rank 1 and 2 activities”, he said, noting that this deep integration will result in more added value. and a denser, and therefore more competitive, production chain.

As for decarbonization, he noted, it represents a lever for competitiveness. “It is inevitable if we want to maintain our market share. Otherwise, carbon taxes at the borders risk neutralizing our exports to Europe,” added the Minister.

In addition, Mr. Elalamy emphasized the renewable energies, the most competitive in the world, available to the Kingdom. “By directing them towards industry, we can integrate more energy-intensive jobs and reduce the energy bill of operators already installed”, explained the minister.

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