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Badr Hari loses his fight against Benjamin Adegbuyi

Badr Hari’s return will not have happened. The Moroccan kickboxer lost against Romanian Benjamin Adegbuyi in the Glory76 which took place without an audience yesterday in Amsterdam.

He had promised the knockout in the first round, he will not have obtained it. After two rounds won with difficulty on points, the Moroccan lost control of his fight one minute from victory.

A kick from the Romanian and a nose injury got the better of Badr Hari. The result was difficult for the kickboxer, who fell on the mat for the first time and only got up with the insistence of his coach. Injured and bleeding profusely from the nose, he preferred to give up the game about thirty seconds from the end of the fight.

This failure of the Moroccan undoubtedly signifies the end of a 20-year-long career during which he dominated the discipline with nearly 100 fights, 75% of which were wins by knockout.

Badr, Morocco is and will remain very proud of you.

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