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BAM: Increase in production and sales in the industry sector

The results of the monthly business survey for March 2019 show a month-over-month increase in production and sales, says Bank Al-Maghrib (BAM).

Production is reported to have increased in all branches and main sub-industries, with the exception of “the textile industry” and “the leather and footwear industry” where it would have declined, and the “automotive industry” where it would have stagnated, says BAM in a note on the results of this opinion survey conducted among a representative sample of nearly 400 industrial companies.

For its part, the rise in global sales reflects a rise in both the local and foreign markets and would have affected all branches of activity, says BAM.

As for the orders, they would have seen an increase in all the branches of activity, according to the same source, which notes that the order books would have been located at a normal level in the “agro-alimentary” and in “chemistry and parachemistry” and at a lower than normal level in “mechanics and metallurgy” and in “textile and leather”.

In this context, the Capacity Utilization Rate (CUR) would have been at the same level as the previous month, almost 75%. The results of the survey also show that for the next three months, companies are expecting an increase in production and sales across all industries.

In addition, the note states that nearly half of the companies in the “mechanics and metallurgy” state that they have no visibility as to the future evolution of sales, compared to 31% in “agri-food” and 21% in the “Textile and leather”.

Regarding the future evolution of production, 28% of companies in the “agri-food” and 21% in the “textile and leather” declare not to have visibility.

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