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Bankruptcy of Pharmacists

The National Federation of Moroccan Pharmacists’ Syndicates warned of the consequences of the financial problems that threaten 40% of pharmacies, and warns of closure and layoffs.

Professionals called on the Ministry of Health to intervene urgently to find effective solutions to the problems caused by the drastic reduction in the prices of medicines and to impose high taxes on pharmacists.

“We decided in federalism to launch a national strike on Thursday, 27 December, after the professionals were convinced that the ministry would not be serious about dealing with the pharmacists’ medical file despite the difficult circumstances experienced by the sector, which unfortunately knows that 40% National level”.

A number of pharmacies have refused to work on the system of maintenance in the chaos of the sector, as other pharmacies violate the law, not to mention that the sale of drugs at a lower price, making many pharmacists declare bankruptcy.

A member of the federation, said that “the pharmaceutical sector, which includes about 1200 pharmacists and 40 thousand assistants, is floundering in a number of problems that cast a shadow over the diary of pharmacists and workers.”

“Among the many problems are the lack of respect for the sale of drugs,” the member said in a statement. “It is now being sold in a number of places illegally, and the problem of selling veterinary medicines in the rural world by some veterinarians who are competing with pharmacists and mingling between the medical profession Veterinary and pharmacy, and the problem of inadequate health coverage”.

He said that “the ministry did not meet the commitments it made following the decision to reduce the prices of medicines, and did not do the follow-up measures, which affected pharmacists, especially in the absence of tax compliance to alleviate the financial burden”.

The member pointed to other problems such as “concluding agreements between some public and semi-public institutions with certain pharmacies to obtain medicines, such as the General Administration of Prisons and the National Electricity Office. This creates great problems for pharmacists”. He said that the agreements should be public in nature, “The problem of freezing disciplinary decisions taken against violators of the ethics and controls of the profession, as well as discrimination in the benefit of the agreement of the third leading to it signed with the National Agency for Health Insurance”.

The spokesman stressed that “the number of financial transactions of pharmacies has decreased significantly, which adversely affected the economic situation of a vital sector of a social and humanitarian service, so that one-third of pharmacists today are in a state of bankruptcy and the number is likely to rise”.

The National Federation of Moroccan Pharmacists’ Syndicates decided to continue the escalation with monthly strikes until all the outstanding points in the file were met.

Pharmacy professionals demand an end to the chaos and lack of respect for the opening and closing dates of pharmacies and guard schedules in some cities, such as Casablanca and Tetouan, and the need to limit the sale of veterinary drugs to the public only pharmacies.

The National Federation of Pharmaceutical Unions of Morocco stressed the need for pharmacists to benefit from urgent tax exemptions in light of the economic problems suffocating in the sector, and work to reduce the health coverage of pharmacists, with the adoption of monthly contributions reasonable and appropriate, in addition to the activation of the law of substitution in light of the spread of the phenomenon of generic drugs In an unprecedented manner in recent times.

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