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Belgium to repatriate Belgo-Moroccans stranded in Morocco

After several weeks of blockage in Morocco, Belgo-Moroccans wishing to return to Belgium will finally be able to do so. Initially, these will be those who justify serious humanitarian or social reasons, in particular a particular family, professional or health situation.

According to Belgian newspapers, an email from the Belgian embassy in Morocco has started reaching those concerned. However, the Belgian diplomatic representation in Rabat has not yet communicated publicly on this operation.

As a reminder, Belgian Foreign Minister Philippe Goffin said last March that the impossibility of repatriating these binationals was due to the refusal of the Moroccan government. For their part, the Socialist Party (RS) and Ecolo expressed their concerns, saying that this situation cannot be accepted “as a fatality”.

Several other Moroccan binationals have suffered the same fate, including those who tried, unsuccessfully, to return to Spain or the Netherlands with their fellow citizens of a single nationality. If the Belgo-Moroccans are relieved of this happy outcome, no information about the situation of the other Moroccans stranded in Morocco.

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