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Benguerir: The African Ambition of the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University

A pillar of the OCP Group’s innovation strategy, UM6P is the cornerstone of its knowledge ecosystem, which is based on three approaches: higher education, research and the incubation of economic activities. His research themes have been designed and conceived to meet the challenges of Africa. With its students and researchers, the UM6P shares the values ​​of responsibility nourished by the ambition to contribute to the emergence of competent leaders, concerned about their environment and equipped to solve the challenges of today and tomorrow.

”Located about 70km from Marrakesh, in the heart of the Green City Mohammed VI of Benguerir dedicated to knowledge and experimentation, the UM6P is an institution of higher education with an international vocation, with an educational system based on the most high standards in teaching and research for sustainable economic development in Morocco, and more broadly in Africa”; we say to the University for whom this city is open to all employees wishing to deepen their knowledge, but also to all those who wish to share their know-how, the UM6P mobilizes the best researchers in the fields sustainable development, mining and agricultural sciences. It deploys for this purpose more than 270 research programs with Moroccan universities and around the world.

In this context, the UM6P develops an approach that encourages experimentation, interdisciplinarity and entrepreneurship. Also, an experimental farm in Benguerir on an area of ​​110 hectares has been established. The objective of this project is the in situ conservation of species adapted to semi-arid zones (cactus, argan, carob tree, etc.) and the development of a platform for the development, evaluation and transfer of agricultural technologies as well as as practical training platforms for students, engineers and researchers. The Benguerir Experimental Farm is also targeting the selection and production of plants for the rehabilitation of mine sites and degraded soils. A pilot project for the establishment of an agricultural innovation platform is currently underway in the region. It brings together several specialized organizations and will advise farmers on the best farming techniques and practices.

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