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Benkirane: “King Mohammed VI saved me”

Former head of government Abdelilah Benkirane has brushed aside rumors that he owns real estate and luxury cars.

“I did not gather a fortune while I was the head of the government contrary to the allegations that are circulating. Moroccans are aware that I have nothing to hide. If some of the parties disrespect me, they at least respect Her Majesty,” said the former secretary general of the PJD when speaking to members of the PJD living abroad, broadcast live on Facebook.

His last tackle is aimed at political opponents who had criticized the fact that an exceptional retirement pension was granted by the Sovereign and reached 90,000 dirhams.

In this regard, Benkirane confided that it was King Mohammed VI who “saved” him. The Sovereign ordered that Benkirane’s situation be regulated and that he be entitled to an exceptional retirement after learning that he no longer had any source of income. “I still do not understand the reasons for this relentless media. Several former ministers like Abdellah Ibrahim and Abderrahman El Youssoufi have benefited from this kind of retirement, but no one has spoken,” he insurgent. The former head of government also assured that he returned the service car after the end of his term, adding that King Mohammed VI subsequently offered him a car.

Benkirane has, at the same time, insisted that he leads a simple life and that he has nothing, adding that the villa of Orangers where he resides in Rabat belongs to his wife. He also said that his mother, after his death, left a small legacy that has not been shared yet. “The information that was broadcast that I owned two villas in Fez are totally unfounded,” he said.

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